Discover the power of reachability-driven solutions

StraTopo helps professionals by approaching issues in a unique spatial way and providing on point insights.


By projecting current and intended logistics movements and volumes on freight and waterways, we help professionals in the logistics domain to gain insight into the impact of decisions.   

Spatial planning & Mobility

We help urban planners and mobility professionals plan a safe and accessible city by interpreting the accessibility effects of measures in crucial insights.


An important insight for retailers is where which customers are located. By simulating human behavior in a unique and proven way, StraTopo is able to project the inhabitants and visitors of an area onto the walking, cycling and road network.


It is a proven fact that the living and working environment has a relationship with health. StraTopo, in collaboration with health professionals, investigates which environmental factors influence people's health and in what capacity.


City Simulation for Future Planning

StraTopo developed a data analysis and visualization tool that combines routing technology and research on mobility, enabling spatial strategists to gain insight into the impact of planned spatial investments and their effect on accessibility.

Safe routes for children going to school

StraTopo creates maps to identify safe routes for children commuting to school by bike or foot, providing valuable data for municipalities to improve road safety.

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