We support governments and companies in taking strategic choices about spatial issues through geographical data and technology.

We use data and technology for mobility, urban planning, project and area development and the environment.

We are a team of data scientists, software developers and consultants. Our expertise lies in the development of web APIs, data integrations, software modules and data analysis and visualization. We are strong in the development of mobility scenarios and mapping movement patterns of target groups.

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Scenarios and target group analysis for mobility and area development

On February 6, we held a webinar where we listened to two experienced professionals. They shared their experiences with the use of data in their field. Specifically, we discussed quantitative future scenarios and travel patterns of target groups.


StraTopo is looking for pilot partners

StraTopo is looking for a partner who wants to start a pilot with us on developing mobility scenarios.

Bij de ontwikkeling ScenarioManager willen we samen met domeindeskundigen werken aan specifieke vraagstukken.



For two municipalities in the South of The Netherlands, we mapped where exactly students are located on the cycling network. This made concrete road safety improvements possible.

Urban planning

We provided routing calculations, data analysis and visualization for eight practical studies on the Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD) concept.


As a data partner of Logistics Community Brabant, we developed future scenarios for the Brabant shipping and freight network. We used routing technology to map road capacity and accessibility.

Our clients



Real estate and area development

We use simulations to map where customers and target groups are located in areas and on the walking, cycling and road network.



We provide urban planners and mobility professionals with insight into accessibility and the effect of measures on traffic and transport flows.



We develop scenarios for freight logistics and calculate the consequences for freight and waterways.


Online information for your custromer

We offer accessible information for online visitors about routes, accessibility, travel time, facilities and the environment.

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