About StraTopo

We ondersteunen overheden en bedrijven bij strategische keuzes omtrent ruimtelijke vraagstukken met behulp van geografische data en technologie.

We ondersteunen overheden, ingenieurs- en onderzoeksbureaus bij strategische keuzes rondom ruimtelijke vraagstukken. We doen dit met de inzet van geografische data en technologie. We ontwikkelen en onderhouden onder meer web-API’s, kant-en-klare datasets, softwareontwikkeling en op maat gemaakte analyses en visualisaties. Uiteindelijk zorgen we ervoor dat er meer rendement behaalt word dankzij data-gestuurde besluitvorming.


We focus on important social challenges such as sustainable and active mobility, better accessibility and urban planning for a living environment. We also use our expertise for commercial challenges, including the assessment of real estate locations and the mapping of target groups. We are strong in developing spatial future scenarios and detailed analyzes of the movement patterns of target groups. We also provide quantitative analyses.


We are a close-knit team of professionals with backgrounds in data science, software development, Geographic Information Systems and consultancy. Our motivation is to develop reliable data-driven solutions.

We are used to working closely with experts from the field, from various sectors including mobility, urban planning, spatial planning, real estate management, logistics and area and project development.

When carrying out assignments, we prefer to be in direct contact with the client. Our working method is 'iterative': we develop software based on continuous feedback, so that it meets the customer's wishes.


Sven Reulen



Shan Shah



Chris Vaessens

Software Developer​


Ahmad Almaleeh

Software Developer​


Ralf Tinga

GIS consultant

Our location: Qeske Maastricht

Since its founding, StraTopo has been part of the Qeske Maastricht Foundation, a community of innovative and creative companies. We benefit from the exchange of expertise and experience in IT, data, marketing, design and entrepreneurship.

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