Target group on the map

A detailed analysis of movement patterns of target groups

We proudly introduce our data product 'Target group put on the map'. This tool maps traffic flows, including for public transport passengers, cyclists, motorized traffic and freight logistics. The tool shows which routes are taken and shows the use and occupancy of the traffic network. This provides insight into traffic volumes, crowds and the travel patterns of specific groups of travelers.

In the current mobility transition, we see transport patterns changing, for example in urban centers, metropolitan regions, municipalities and station areas. Travel behavior is less predictable than before. This requires different policy choices and investments in mobility planning and area development. To substantiate this, we need current and detailed insights into travel patterns.

Hoe werkt Doelgroep op de kaart?

Target group on the map predicts the routes that specific target groups or potential travelers will take. The tool calculates individual routes from origin to destination based on geographical data. The model then provides a detailed picture of the use of the network. This provides a quantitative analysis of intensity and occupancy. The methodology is applicable to various modalities (public transport passengers, motorized traffic, cyclists, pedestrians, and freight logistics). We work together with municipalities, provinces, and traffic engineering firms which propose data sources and a specific question on a target group's travel behavior.


  • Mobility – Gain insight into the consequences of interventions on facilities and infrastructure on routes and passenger volumes.
  • Project and area development Real estate managers, project developers and area developers gain insight into the routes that potential customers or target groups take.

Case: Scholieren op het fietsnetwerk

Voor de Brabantse gemeenten Breda en Meierijstad brachten we routes van scholieren in kaart. Hiermee kon de verkeersveiligheid op concrete punten verbeterd worden.


Sven Reulen


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