Students on the map

For two municipalities, we calculated the routes of all secondary school students to school. This allowed concrete safety improvements.

For two municipalities in the South of The Netherlands, we mapped the walking and cycling routes of seconddary school students. Our advanced model shows exactly where students are on the cycling and walking network. Based on this model, the municipalities made concrete improvements.

With our routing technology we can calculate all possible routes in the Netherlands, including for students on their way to school. We linked student locations at postal code level to spatial and (geo)demographic data. This provided insights into network usage at street level that would not otherwise have been possible.

We used multiple data sources: students' home and school locations, the road network and GPS data about the actual use of the network. We have made the analysis accessible and understandable with visualizations.

Scholieren op de fiets



Would you like to know more? Download our whitepaper 'Safe routes for schoolchildren'.


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