StraTopo is looking for pilot partners

StraTopo is looking for a partner who wants to start a pilot with us on developing mobility scenarios.

Does your organization want to map the effects of alternative routes, new connections or infrastructure yet to be constructed? Does it want to understand the consequences for travel time, use of the network, intensity on the network, accessibility of facilities and specific target groups? Then we hope to get in touch with your organization.

StraTopo is looking for a partner who wants to start a pilot on developing mobility scenarios. In this development process, the partner can develop an infinite number of 'what if' scenarios:


  • Public transport, bicycle, car, pedestrian, multimodal, freight;
  • Infinite generation of mobility scenarios;
  • Cost: EUR 10,000.

We would like to hear about your organization's mobility issue.

Reason for the pilot

As a data company we want to tailor our offering exactly to the challenges in the field. That is why we are used to working from very specific cases, in close collaboration with domain experts. This also applies to our ScenarioManager. When developing this tool, we want to work with a partner who thinks from the perspective of the issue. This input and knowledge enables us to test our tool and to ensure that the functionalities match the demands from the field. In this way we arrive at a product with added value.

What kind of mobility issues fit within this pilot?

The pilot includes issues in which we measure the effects of adjustments to the network. These could be, for example: new network connections, adjusted public transport timetable, infrastructure yet to be constructed and new living/working locations. We make analyzes for motorized traffic, public transport, bicycle, pedestrian as well as freight logistics.


  • A new ring road;
  • Accessibility of new residential locations;
  • Growing numbers of bicycles and public transport to the city and public transport locations;
  • Effects of new cycling infrastructure;
  • etc.

Does your organization's case fit within our offering? We are keen to get in touch.

We previously worked on these cases, among others: 


  • Bicycle Oriented Development – Developing scenarios for studies into accessible new residential locations
  • Growing public transport – Growing bus transport to new work and public transport locations 
  • Freight logistics – The effects of growing container throughput on road traffic and inland shipping.


We work out the scenarios with the ScenarioManager. This tool examines current travel patterns and the effects of adjustments to the traffic network or public transport timetable. Consider new residential or work locations, new connections, new infrastructure, alternative routes, closures, the construction of bridges or tunnels, etc. We provide quantitative analysis of travel time, the accessibility of facilities and the travel patterns of target groups.

The pilot partner can analyze an infinite number of changes to the network. 

The ScenarioManager is a flexible and accessible tool. Very specific expertise is not required to use it. An infinite number of scenarios are possible. It can also easily break down the effects per target group. The tool is also transparent: it becomes clear where the data and results come from.

Why scenario's?

We are in a mobility transition. That means things are changing quickly. Policy and investments must respond to these changes. We can no longer rely on the 'average journey' of the 'average Dutch person'. Society has become more diverse, and the demand for mobility more unpredictable. Moreover, travel behavior no longer only depends on travel time and costs, but also on other factors such as comfort and health. Mobility in urbanized areas is also increasingly deviating from the areas around it. It is therefore necessary to visualize the current and future situation. The analysis of current data can support this.

For whom?

The pilot is mainly aimed at traffic consultancy firms, provinces, municipalities, transport regions and other authorities with a mobility issue.

About StraTopo

StraTopo supports governments and traffic consultancy firms in strategic choices about spatial issues. We do this by using geographical data and technology. We develop web APIs, ready-made datasets, software modules and tailor-made analyzes and visualizations, among other things. Ultimately, we want to ensure that the customer makes better decisions thanks to data-driven decision-making.

We focus on important social challenges such as sustainable and active mobility, better accessibility and urban planning for a living environment. We work closely with domain experts, so that we respond to the needs of our partners. We develop software based on continuous feedback, so that it meets the customer's wishes.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested or would like to discuss your issue with us, please feel free to contact us:



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